Monday, June 16, 2014

Hand Knit Monster From All Stuft Up Giveaway (GIVEAWAY CLOSED!)

Did you know Lauren has an Etsy shop?  It's called All Stuft Up and it is full of amazingness!
 Meet Dot, Darius & Danny, Tony, and Cecil.
 and Harold.

Don't you just want to squeeze them?  They are so cute and loveable!!  We have some for my boys and they have gotten a lot of love--so I can testify that these creations are high quality and can take a beating!  But wait, there are many more monsters for you to fall in love with.  I can hear you thinking, "that one would be perfect for so and so."  It's true!  It IS perfect for them.  You are so right.  ;)

Now is your chance to choose any monster you would like for free from All Stuft Up.  I feel like there should be dramatic music playing in the background of this paragraph.  Feel free to imagine it along with me. ;)

There's only one thing left to answer:

Which one will you choose?!?

And even if you don't win, never fear--Lauren has given us a coupon for 15% off our purchases in her shop (even the blankets, which are excluded from the giveaway!) through July 4th.  Use the code LUCKYPICKLE15.  Saweeet!

The giveaway starts now and ends on Friday, June 20th at 11:59 p.m. MST. They are open to all U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. We will announce a winner on Saturday, so check back then!

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  1. I love Jerry the Monkey. Especially since he'd go perfectly in my little boys room since we call him our little monkey!

  2. Lauren, is there anything you don't do?! You have so many talents! I know a little boy who loves monkeys. He has a pair of monkey pajamas he would live in if I would let him. I bet he would love a monkey like that for a snuggle buddy. Well done!

  3. Well, you know I love ALL of them but if I am forced to choose just one favorite it might be Harriet the Monster. So cute!

  4. I had Alexa show me which one she liked best and she said pointed at Tony! He's adorable!

  5. Cecil is my favorite! He's absolutely adorable. My 7 month old would love him. You're awesome, Lauren!

  6. All of you creations are amazing!! And so creative!!!! It was fun checking them out. If I had to pick one I would choose Jerry the monkey.

  7. There is something about Harold that I just love. And it would be mine, not my kids'... hehe

  8. Cecil is my favorite :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  9. Daphne & Delilah: Momma and Baby Hand Knit Stuffed Monsters....they look sooo cute :)



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