Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swimmable Mermaid Tail Giveaway (CLOSED)

Oh boy do I have news for you! You're totally gonna flip!
It turns out MERMAIDS ARE REAL! Like REALLY real! As real as the load of laundry hovering ominously behind me.

You want proof? 
You can't handle the proof!!!
Okay. Yes you can.

Check it out! Real live mermaids!

Okay so maybe they're not real in the traditional sense of the word, but they ARE super adorable.

My girls have been obsessed with mermaids over the past 6 months, so when I saw these mermaid tails I just couldn't resist. What little girl doesn't spend hours perfecting her Little Mermaid impressions in the bathtub, or practicing Ariel's dramatic first breath as a human every time you go to the swimming pool? I know I do! I mean... did. :)

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm totally living vicariously through my kids right now, and it feels great!

Now, let me start by saying I've done what is probably an unhealthy amount of research on all of the swimmable mermaid tails on the market. Shimmertail first caught my eye because they are a fraction of the cost of many of their competitors. Call me crazy, but I just can't bring myself to fork out hundreds of dollars on an obsession that my girls may or may not grow out of next month. I also love that the Shimmertail mermaid tails come with a swim fin. I've found that typically the fins inserts are sold separately.

HOLY COW what fun we've had with these!!! They are pretty magical. My girls have worn them to the lake, and the pool (always with life jackets on!) and every afternoon while little brother is taking his nap we pull out the wading pool and the girls have a blast splashing around, letting their imaginations take them away. I even found my oldest girl tucked in bed the other night reading the mermaid books we just bought her for her birthday... and wearing her tail! (Please excuse the crummy phone picture...it was too cute not to share)

Do you have a little girl in your life who would just FLIP over one of these mermaid tails?! Today is your LUCKY day!!! We're giving one away!!! The winner will get to choose a mermaid tail of their choice, available in size 2-10. Entering is super easy- and we'll pick a winner at 9:00 p.m. on Friday night. Good luck!

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  1. Hi,
    I had a question about the mermaid tail. What is the fin made of, is it flexible and can your girls walk in the tail? I too like the price. My daughter is working hard to save her money and I don't want her to spend so much on something that is probably a phase for her.
    Thanks for you response.
    Chris Henning

    1. Hey Chris! Thanks for stopping by! To answer your questions- no you can't walk in the tail, you just put it on by the side of the pool an slide in. (That being said by daughters have hopped around in them in the house!) The fin is made of a flexible plastic, and has two elastic straps that keep it attached to their feet. It can be taken in and out of the tail for easy washing. Hope that helps! They are so much fun! And I totally understand not wanting to spend a ton of money on something that is probably a phase.

  2. Thanks, Jamie! I appreciate your response!!

  3. One more question, Jamie. What actions did you use to edit your photos with? Really pretty, I like the effect.

  4. Me too, Jamie!! Would you mind sharing which action you used? I love the posy action:)

  5. I checked out your site last night and thought- I love her stuff! And it looks like Paint the Moon! Haha. These were edited with Namaste from the Grace collection.

  6. Does it come with the mono fin in the give away? :D please say yes.

    1. Yea it comes with the fin insert. But it is not a mono fin. This particular mermaid tail doesn't use a mono fin.

  7. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks so much for your kind comment!! I love Annie at paint the moon. I most of her older actions. Might have to think about Grace, it's really pretty the effect. But, I decided when Grace came out that I was becoming an action junkie too much:) I may have to rethink that:) My daughter has been trying hard to win the tail your giving away. So nice of you to have a giveaway!
    Have a great weekend!!



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