Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Geeking Out Over These!

Rustoleum Spray Paint.
Or... really spray paint in general. 
Just used it for the first time on a house project this past week! 
I know... I know... what took me so long, right? I don't know. Honestly. Maybe just the fact that I finally have a house so I can really incorporate a color scheme? Who knows. 

I wanted my barstools to really pop in my white kitchen, so I thought maybe a bright sunny yellow...
 Turns out it's a little TOO bright. I love the color and the hubby likes it, but it just doesn't work in my kitchen. So I'm gonna go for "lagoon" next. I'm just gonna wait until the cabinet doors are all done first, per the hubby's request. It will be my third time painting them, so I suppose he has a point. :)

Spray Guns. 
How many of you knew these existed?
I didn't use this exact one (I used the cheapest $3 version from home depot), but these spray guns are awesome and they attach to the head of any can of spray paint. They help keep the spray more even, and keep for finger from getting fatigued. Okay, okay... the fatigue wasn't really an issue, but the nice even spray was awesome. I would also tend to do this quick little wiggle movement when using my finger, but something about the trigger helped me keep things really smooth. 

Picked this baby up at JoAnns. I bought this specifically for a fabulous cardigan I bought on etsy awhile back. The sleeves and front panels had started to pill, and I was looking for a solution. I did my research and looked through reviews, and the Sweater Stone got consistently positive reviews, versus the electric lint shavers. Plus--the sweater stone doesn't need batteries. :) BONUS!

It worked great. My cardigan looks like new, and I even used it to get some yucky pilly junk off the edges of my couch cushions. It looks so much newer now--the greyish pills really made it look dirty, even though it wasn't. Ah. Why didn't I get one of these earlier!?

I took a trip there with a good friend yesterday, and was giddy--even with two kiddos in tow! I picked up everything I went for, and managed to resist everything else! 
I picked up a bunch of Ribba Frames
aaaand... some blankets. 
This was where I really had to exercise restraint! 
I'm a textile junky. Show me some fabulous texture, and my salivary glands start pumping in overdrive. 

My main purpose in looking for blankets was for newborn photography. I'm always on the hunt for great comfy texture to contrast with the smooth perfection of baby skin, and I had seen a couple in their catalog that I knew I had to have! 

I ended up walking away with these:
The Eivor throw, the Ofelia throw, and the Gurli throw in gray/black.
The Ofelia and Gurli because they are going to look incredible in my newborn photography, and the Eivor because... well... I just couldn't say no to those fabulous stripes. I had already seen it online and pinned it to my wishlist, and when I saw it in person in all it's knit glory... well... 

What things are you loving this week?

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  1. You! I'm loving you. Definitely :D. Did you know that Martha Stewart has a kit you can buy that turns any bottle of her craft paint (hundreds of colors, plus you can mix to make them custom) into spray paint? It's true. And it's cheapest here:

    Aaand I love all of the other stuff you put up. I have a sweater stone...sorry I never passed that knowledge nugget along :P



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