Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Photo Gift Boxes

Parents are universally acknowledged (I am making this up) to be the hardest people in the WORLD to shop for.  If they want something, they just buy it.  When you ask them what you should get them, they say, "a hug would be nice..."

This year for my Mom's birthday, she actually mentioned that she would like more pictures of her grandchildren.  I don't want to say that sounded boring--my kids are pretty cute, after all.  But a plain ol' pile of pictures of my fam just didn't seem like a present I'd be proud of.

But a pile of photos in a pretty box--and a BOW?  Yeah, I could get behind that one.  And the best part is, it's SUPER EASY (don't read that part Mom.  I worked REALLY HARD on your present). 

Find a stack o' photos.  For me, this step involved printing off a bunch (sixty-two to be exact) of my digital photos at

Download my template.  You have three options: 
1. If you have a Silhouette Cameo, click here.
2. If you have a 12x12" printer, click here. Then print the template and cut it out.
3. For a normal, 8.5x11" printer, click here.  You will have to do some real life cutting and pasting, but you can build the template pretty easily--print and follow the instructions.

Find some pretty 12x12" paper.  Double sided makes for a pretty inside as well!  If you've needed an excuse, use this time to stock never know when you will want to make another box!

If you have a Silhouette, cut the template out of the 12x12 paper.  If not, use the template you printed in step 2 to cut out your box.

Build your box: fold along the dotted lines (using a bone scorer/scoring blade if you have one will make for crisper lines), and apply adhesive to keep your box walls in place.

Embellish!  Tie a pretty bow around the lid.  Consider adding buttons, brads, chipboard, rub-ons, stamps.

Insert pictures.

Give your present to whomever you desire.  Tell them how hard you worked on it.  It's sure to be a hit!

I also burned the images to CD so my Mom can use them on her digital frame or her computer.  Because, you know, she can never have too many pictures of me around her house...

Mom said she loved it--but she has always been nice like that.  What do YOU think?  I'd love to hear if you try this out!

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  1. Darling! As someone who gives pictures as gifts A LOT... I'm totally loving this!

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