Thursday, July 5, 2012

Potty Mouth

When we bought our house, it had already been sitting empty for several months. It was a short sale, and if our offer didn't go through, it was going to go into foreclosure, so the family had already moved out. We were lucky enough that the family didn't go through and punch holes in the drywall, or take all of the light fixtures with them.

BUT--the toilets had been infected with the dreaded toilet ring.

It happens, people. If a toilet is never (or rarely) flushed, The Ring is likely to plague it.

I scrubbed ours. Oh, how I scrubbed. THIS is what they looked like AFTER being scrubbed. Heck, you can even see the soap bubbles in the bottom there...

Yeah. Not much motivation to clean them, right?

After a great deal of weeping over my toilet's condition, I discovered THIS:

Within 10 minutes apiece, my toilets went from that horrific state above to this:

Okay... so nothing in life is ever actually perfect, but this is about as close as it comes!

Seriously. Here's the side-by-side:

This is how much of the stick I used to get three toilets cured of their toilet ring:

About an inch. 

I just plunged as much water out as I could before going to town--I don't think you want to submerge the pumice. My hands didn't get wet at all. I just held the other end of the stick.
But for those of you who are more squeamish about toilet water, you can check THIS out!

Pumice on a stick!

It's three times as expensive, but hey--$9 for sparkling toilets in my opinion is totally worth it!

*This is not a sponsored post. Simply an awesome discovery I wanted to share.*

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  1. We used to fight over those and take them off each others carts when I was housekeeping :)

  2. Getting that tonight. Home Depot? Wal-mart?

  3. Op, you had a link. Just got it off Amazon for $3.85.

  4. In Orem you can buy it at The Mending Shed. (Nila)

  5. I love you! That's the best thing ever! I got it at Home Depot for $2.49! We were going to buy new toilets because they looked so bad. We bought a house that had been empty for awhile too. You saved us a ton! Thanks!

    1. YAY, Joni! I was on the verge of buying all new toilets, too! You totally made my day--I'm so glad this was able to help someone out! :)



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