Friday, July 20, 2012

The Party Chronicles: Episode 5- Disney CARS Party!

Being that I have 3 little girls my life usually revolves around all things pink and sparkly. I don't often get the opportunity to look for bugs and roll tractors through the dirt. (Although my youngest girl somehow manages to eats dirt on a daily basis... does that count?) So the idea of throwing my nephew a CARS Drive-In Movie party was completely foreign to me, and yet I loved every minute of it. My incredibly talented sister in law, Brittany, put this party together. All I did was take the pictures. 

Do you recognize the food bar? Yeah, it's the same one I used in Addie's Splash Party. All she did was put a big vinyl sticker on its, something she found on clearance a while back and had on hand. Use what you have! 

As you scroll through these pictures take note of the INCREDIBLE cars Brittany made of cardboard boxes. I can't believe how much they look like the characters from the movie! She said it was a lot easier than she thought it would be. She also made a few simple cardboard cars as well to make sure each child had something to sit in for the drive-in movie. 

*The birthday boy sitting in his favorite Lightning McQueen Car
*Throwing the ball through the tire- just part of the fun obstacle course the kids got to do.
*Motor Oil (grape kool-aid) and Gas-O-Lime (Lime water. Do you get it? Gasoline? Gas-o-lime? Cute right?)
*On the left you can see Filmore- known in the movies for his awesome hippie tattoos. He looks pretty plain here, but on the right you can see the kids getting ready to paint some groovy body art on him. 

*Brittany just happened to have this cute little racing hat, so she pulled it out for my daughter to wear. Of course I had to snap a picture! 
*I'm loving the fun racetrack cake! She used Oreo crumbs for the racetrack, licorice to line it, and then dyed some coconut green for the grass. Super easy, and way cute!
*A front view of Lightning McQueen
*Racing Flag cake balls
*The little mini chocolate donuts were used in one of the games- stack the tires! The kids would race to see who could stack the most "tires" on top of each other in 10 seconds. When the time was up they had to let go of their stack, the one who made the tallest freestanding tower of tires won! 
*These CARS juice boxes were such a fun addition to the concession stand. 

*Here are some actions shots of the kids playing the Stack the Tires game. It was such hit!
*Another part of the obstacle course- Brittany just hung up some blue streamers from her clothesline to act as a carwash. The kids also had to zig-zag around cones and crawl under the trampoline. Technically they were supposed to stay INSIDE their vehicles at all times. :) 
*And here's Filmore- All hippied out! The kids did a great job!

*Trophies added a fun touch to the concession stand. 
*My nephew's bedroom is decorated in a car theme, so Brittany just pulled out a few of his pillows to decorate this bench. A perfect place for the grownups to sit during the drive-in movie. 
*When it was time for the movie to start each child was given 5 tickets that they could spend at the concession stand. What a great way to keep the kids from going into a sugar coma! Once it got dark enough all the kids snuggled down into their cars, their little hands full of goodies and we watched the movie. It was projected onto a sheet that was tied to their trampoline net- Genius! 

Do you have any Cars lovers in your family that would totally flip over a party like this? The majority of the food was prepackaged, which makes for a super easy set-up (And clean up! No dishes!) The hardest part will probably be collecting cardboard boxes big enough to make cars out of, but I've been told that some grocery stores will hold them for you if you ask them to. If your kids are older you could even let them decorate their OWN cars at the party. BOOM- there ya have it! You just made your life that much easier! 

Party on!

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  1. Why yes, yes I do have some people in my house that would love love love love love a Cars party! This is fantabulous!

  2. Thank you so much for documenting Mason's birthday party. I still haven't posted a picture from it for my friends to see. Seeing all of the fun the kids were having makes me want to do another one!

  3. This was an awesome party... even for the grown-ups who just watched from the stands. So many great ideas Brittany:)
    I hope your kids realize that they have a wonderful mother!!!



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