Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Things That Saved Me This Week


We've all had it. 
Oh, how I hate it. 

The pain for me is ridiculous.

Whenever strep season comes around I find myself actively cursing the ENT doctor who refused to remove my tonsils. 

This round of strep has taken an extra long time running its course. 
Guess why. 

Guess guess guess!

I managed to catch Hand, Foot, and Mouth at the SAME TIME.
Couple the strep death throat with the HFM sores, blisters, and all-around fabulousness, and, well--you've got yourself a pretty miserable mommy. 

There were a couple things, though, that got me through this time.

1. The Olympics

Fabulous and inspiring athletes to watch all day long? Why, yes. Yes, I will. 

2. Beef Ramen
All I could eat for a couple days. Soothed the pain for a bit, but man my throat was a beast. I won't be eating any for a while--got a little sick of it, as I'm sure you can understand... but yeah. Sure was thankful for it.

3. Gauchos. 
The ones the model is wearing below:

Super stretchy. Super soft. 
Sorry--they were a one-day deal at Pick Your Plum
Who knows, though--they might get them back!

I may or may not have let Emily play a lot of Curious George games on the laptop while I draped myself all over the couch watching the aforementioned 2012 London Olympics. 

Okay, so I totally did.

While knitting. All day long. Gotta get my stock up for the local craft faire coming up end of August! Whoop!

5. Ricola Throat Drops, in Cherry Honey.

Best tasting throat lozenges I have ever had.
I don't think they were quite as numbing as the Sucrets we had in the cupboard, but wow, they tasted amazing!

I'm almost back to 100% now... ALMOST.
You can be sure I will be stockpiling these things for the next time the icky sickies come around.

Ok, so I can't really stockpile the Olympics. 
Or the internet. 
But you get the idea.

What comforts do you turn to when you are sick?


  1. I was expecting pepperoni to be on here somewhere :P

    1. DOH! The pepperoni! How could I have forgotten!?!?

  2. Ugh! I'm so glad you're feeling a little better! I really appreciated the kid history quote by the way. :) Made me chuckle.



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