Monday, January 21, 2013

A Rainbow of Thanks

I am obsessed with fonts and color--as you can probably tell, looking at these cards! Designing this card was so fun, I couldn't stop with one color!

So whether you resolved to be more thoughtful (what better way than a thank you note?), or you need a pretty present (wrap them in cellophane and tie with a ribbon--LOVE!), or you haven't quite finished thanking everyone for the fabulous gifts you received at Christmas time, it's your lucky day!  I'm sharing all eight colors with you.  When combined with different paper color, you have a bajillion combination options!

They are super easy too-- click this link to download the folder, and choose Save.  Open the folder, and "Extract all files."  Choose your color and print it on a pretty paper.  If your printer doesn't print borderless, you may need to trim the edges of your paper. You will have two cards--cut the paper "hamburger style" and then fold each piece in half.  That way the words wrap all the way around onto the back of the card.  See?  Here is what the back looks like:

These babies look great dressed down and dressed up!  I traced some of the "thanks" with my embossing ink marker, added some clear embossing powder, and heated them up.  Chic elegance.  Imagine glitter, or ribbon, baker's twine, buttons, brads...  excuse me, I've got to go and dress up some cards!


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Kelsi, I never said thanks. I guess I should print out a card and send you one ;)

  2. Fun. I had some "blah" paper that is now "unblah." Now I just need to learn how to make envelopes for these.

    1. Hooray! You could try googling for some envelope templates--I'm sure there are bunches. :D



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