Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's the Little Things

Little things like tulips in a jug on an entryway shelf. Sitting next to my pretend family that came with my new frame.  Hello to you, happy looking family!  My sweet son asked me what their names were, and my husband told him--named every model in every frame that I bought yesterday. I wish I could remember so I could introduce you.

Add that to my to-do list: get pictures printed for my new frames.

But really, when you have something so exciting, who can wait to fill the frame before it goes up?

I don't do patience well.

But it's the tulips that make me giddy.  They aren't even real--I grabbed them at Michael's yesterday for 2.50 a bunch (there are two bunches there).  When combined with that glorious jug I grabbed at Joann's forever ago (for less than $10, I believe), those babies sing. And I won't ever have to mourn their death! I love real looking pretend flowers.

Am I allowed to plant them in my yard?



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