Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To the Parents of the Children In My Son's Preschool Class...

A 7:30 a.m. eye doctor appointment is bad enough, but I was smart enough to schedule mine the day after daylight savings...

Needless to say, I was not quite awake as I got in my van, drove across town, and started getting dilated, blinded, and tested.

'Twas in the middle of this that I remembered two separate conversations that revolved around my taking my HUSBAND'S car instead of my own, just in case I wasn't home in time to take the kiddos to school--the latter of which conversations occurred moments before I slid into my own carseat-laden vehicle and took off.  Oops.  Can you guess who wasn't home on time to get the kiddos to school?  Luckily Mr. Amazing pulled it off.  He's good like that.

As I was leaving the Doctor's office, I got a call from the preschool teacher.  Today was the day we had scheduled for my son's un-birthday (he was born in the summer), but he had missed the last several days of school (ah, the pukes)--did I want to reschedule?

"Uh...I don't know.  I don't even know how he is doing this morning, I left before he woke up.  But he didn't throw up last night, so maybe he'll be okay to come..."

I was less than helpful.  "Okay," that sweet woman said, "We'll play it by ear..."

In my head, I'm like, "Yeah, and I forgot to buy him treats, because all three kids were vomitting ALL. WEEK. and we never left the house...I counted yesterday and I have TEN packaged rice crispy treats but I need THIRTEEN (why did I eat all of those?!?  Curses.)...how can I buy treats and teleport myself there in the next five minutes?!?"

Call from the hubs after they got to school, "Mrs. Super-impressed-with-your-mothering-skills says you can bring the treats a few minutes before school ends, since she won't pass them out until then anyways."

Huzzah!  Saved! 

I managed to make it through the shopping trip with only one forgotten coupon...  Hooray.

But I'd forgotten my checkbook, and I needed it to pay tuition at the preschool, which was already late, because all three of my kids had the pukes for a whole week.  This meant I couldn't go straight to the school from the store and pick up my child all in one fell swoop.  I also had to go to the bathroom so so so so so so SO...


And I'd had to go for the whole shopping trip, but I wasn't about to take my purse, my coupon binder, and my one-year-old-who-puts-everything-in-his-mouth into a public restroom.

Naturally, I booked it home.  I had frozens, so I hurriedly stashed them, meanwhile grabbing the extra rice crispies to put in the front with me so I didn't have to unload them from the back in the midst of picking-kids-up-from-school-chaos.  What is it about school parking lots that turn mothers into CRAZY PEOPLE? I took care of my potty problem, grabbed the check book, and dashed to the car, frantically hoping the baby hadn't started hollering yet.

I got to the school just at the perfect time to drop off the treats.  Score!

I didn't have the treats...

Oh, right...somewhere between the freezer and the potty, they'd gotten lost.  Hopefully closer to the freezer. 

Ah, but there, tucked in the corner, were two boxes of Gogurts. Which should have made it into the fridge in between the freezer and the potty, but hadn't.  SAVED again.

With no time to deliberate on the "allowed-ness" of Gogurt for a birthday treat, I stuck my chin out, and delivered my birthday treats to my adoring son and his intrigued classmates as though I'd gotten them on purpose.

Yeah, that's right, I'm making a statement.  Healthy un-birthday treats.  Eat up the deliciousness.

And that's why your kids got Gogurt yesterday.  You are welcome-slash-I'm sorry.

Edit 4/19/2013: Today was the preschool teacher's birthday--guess what she brought for treats?!? GOGURT! I'm simply tickled pink.


  1. i'm so glad I'm not the only person who has days like this. but my days like this are every day. i'm super impressed you did all of that with dialated eyes. I like dialated eyes are my least favorite thing.

    1. THANK YOU! I forgot to mention at the end that I did it all with a weird sick-dizzy headache the whole time and I couldn't read anything. Said parents probably thought I was on drugs 'cuz of my pupils... :D

  2. Oh wow. You may think you are living in madness, but I am completely impressed you even ATTEMPTED to do all those things! You are a superhero.

    1. Thanks Annie! Just keep telling me that, okay? I don't envy all the things YOU are doing right now! I get reeeeeeeallly crazy when I'm getting two hours of interrupted sleep a night. But it will pass, and hopefully soon, right?

  3. Oh how I love you! This was like a blast from my past, but I think you are handling it much better than I did.

  4. Now I am consumed with curiosity as to your story, Lauren! Probably re-hear...and I don't know that I'm handling anything well at all...


    1. Confession: I don't even remember commenting on this. I'm trying to remember what past experience I was comparing it to? I dunno. Nothing specific, probably, just been there, done that... Plus or minus a few details. ;) *sigh*



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