Friday, July 5, 2013

Create a New Holiday!

Wide open schedule? Kids feeling restless? Itching for a treat?

I have your solution.

Create your very own holiday!

My 3-and-a-half-year-old looooved making a hundred paper heart valentines to "heart-attack" my husbands car with for Valentine's Day. She has been begging to make valentines again ever since. So when she climbed into bed with us one morning, asking yet again to make more, "Davison Day" was officially born.

Creating your own holiday can be as simple or complicated as you feel up to. 

We pulled out a bunch of scrap paper and cardstock, stickers, fancy scissors, and glue (all of which we had on hand) to make Davison Day cards to send to some family and friends. 

We wrote a personalized note and glued it on the back or inside. They aren't anything super fancy--but all unique and original! 

We got some pictures printed off to send to the relatives that haven't seen us for a while--one of the whole family, and another one that is just TOO cute not to send along of the girls getting ready for the neighborhood easter egg hunt. 

Then we dropped those at the post office all together. 

Creating your very own holiday is also a great excuse to make a yummy treat with the kiddos. Our youngest was napping by this point in the day, so our three-year-old and Daddy went to the store to get some fixin's for a cake. 
We kept it classy and got a cake mix with some funfetti frosting. Only the best. :)

No pictures of the cake, unfortunately. It didn't last long.

I know. You are all heartbroken to be robbed of the opportunity to see our infinitely creative Davison Day cake. You'll just have to use your imaginations!

So our "empty" day turned into a brand new holiday (which may be celebrated more than once a year, depending on our card-making and cake-eating needs). You can create an arbitrary family holiday like we did, or you could find something else to celebrate with the kiddos. Potty training? Hair cuts? It's sunny outside? The possibilities are endless. 

What new holiday will you create?
What will you celebrate?

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