Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Escape Artist

We were gonna wait to transition to the toddler bed until the house was finished, but... well...
See for yourself.

This girl is in the 10th percentile for height, folks. 
Granted, she's 75th for weight. Apparently it's all muscle!

And before you suggest that it was merely boost via the stuffed animal, think again. I took all the stuffies out and put her in again. She got out even faster that time. 


It's been quite the exciting naptime around here. 
I figured I'd coax the child into her sister's toddler bed (see that big twin mattress leaning against the left wall? Emily will use that now), and when I pulled her quilt back, there was a giant wolf spider hiding underneath. 


Just waiting for a victim.

I may have screamed. Just a little.

I herded the midget out of the room, as the beast fled over the edge of the bed.
A tentative and very girly hunt followed (thanks to my mom for lifting things off the floor while I stood nearby waiting with Kirby's hiking boot.) I even turned the toddler bed up on its side to make sure the thing wasn't hiding underneath in the slats.

We couldn't find it anywhere. 

Finally, I figured I'd put the room back together and turned the toddler bed back onto its legs. I tuned to say something to my mom across the basement and then turned back. 

It was there. On the mattress. Again.

It crawled under the skinny side of the mattress that was resting on the floor when I turned it on its side. 

This beast was too smart to live. 

So I killed it.


Good story, huh? 100% true. I even made sure the thing was dead before vacuuming it up. 
Kirby will be so proud.

After removing all the sheets, and vacuuming the room, we now have a whole lot of this going on:

Getting her to sleep was no small task, but I think that's a story for another day.
Time for some Oreos, I think!

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  1. Haha, so my boys WERE telling the truth when they said she got out by herself. I love that she cries for your benefit and then stops the second the door is closed. Such a funny film :D

    1. I know, right!? I'm surprised she hasn't climbed out before today if she figured it out at your house. Especially in the mornings when she calls repeatedly to me to come get her out of bed??? I love that she takes the moment to push the button on their clock to tell her what time it is. Hahahahah.

  2. What a stinker! Forrest watched the video with me, and seemed very shocked that 'baby climb out?!' We recently moved him to a toddler bed since we'll have a new occupant needing the crib soon, and I almost hated to move him out of it because he never seemed to realize he could have gotten out of the crib easily if he had ever tried it. I think Sydney's going to be a gymnast someday ;-) (Also, I love her zig zag blanket more and more every time I see it)

  3. Holy cow- so funny! What a little gymnast! I've been thinking that I should set up a hidden camera to catch Noelle in the act of being a Ninja one of these days.... P.S. your story about the spider gave me the heebie jeebies - Jamie



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