Thursday, November 8, 2012

Angry Fowl-O-Ween!

It was in a moment of genius that I decided, "We will be Angry Birds for Halloween this year."  They boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Angry Birds, and there are enough that they could choose their favorites and we could all be something different.  Don't forget the catchy theme song that we could play with us as we walked around!

It was in a moment of insanity that I decided, "I can totally make all of the costumes."

"Without any patterns..."


I wanted to do amazing, full color, step-by-step tutorials too.

But as I became buried in piles of fleece, hand-drawn butcher paper pattern pieces, and 20 spools of thread (with corresponding bobbins!!!), I realized that just getting the costumes DONE was going to be a miracle.  On time was going to be a luxury.  A blog how-to?  BEFORE Halloween?  Just let it go sistah.

But I did learn some things I wanted to share with you:

1. You can do it!  If you have a dream for a project, give it a whirl.  Truly, what's the worse that could happen? When you compare it with the BEST that could happen, it's totally worth it!

2. Be patient and flexible.  Some things aren't going to work out the way you think they will.  It's all practice.

3. Measure twice (or thrice!) and cut once.

4. Make your own pattern pieces from butcher paper.  Draw diagrams.  It will help you work everything out.

5. Take a while to plan ahead.  Sew the face on to the front piece before you sew anything else together. And sew the flat pieces on before you sew and stuff the beaks.  It will save you a lot A LOT of time--and hand sewing.

6. With costumes like these, you can't sew the whole thing together, leave a small opening, and turn it all inside out.  It won't even work if you try it twice.  BELIEVE ME. Sew the top inside out, turn it, and then sew the bottom, stuff it, turn the seam under and sew it again.  Lovely!

7. Don't throw your sewing machine against the wall.  No matter how hard it tries to mess you up!

8. HAVE FUN!  That's what it's all about, right?

I'm wishing I had better pictures.  I didn't finish until right before Halloween--with the little boys' costumes.  The Mister's costume wasn't finished until a few days after--and he hasn't been home during the day to take good pictures since!  But I figured if I tried to wait for pictures, it won't ever happen, so here they are :P

"How come you guys don't have your arms out of your costumes?"  "{eye roll.} Mom! Angry birds don't HAVE arms!"

 "Look, Mom!  I'm a Tyrannosaurus Bird!"

 "This costume tastes delicious!"

My sweet, good sport husband.  Handsomest piggy I've ever seen!


  1. GOODNESS GRAPENUTS! I am honestly speechless- except not really because I'm incapable of not talking. But my mouth is hanging open in admiration and absolute awe of your craftiness and incredible sewing skills. (And thinking how insanely professional these look! ) Well done my friend. WELL DONE.



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