Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Fruit Fly Trap Experiment

Pinterest is a fabulous thing. So much inspiration. 

But there's a heckuvalot of hooh hah, too. Lots of tips for how to do things faster, easier, cleaner... some are fabulously brilliant, and others just plain don't work. 

Which brings me to my experiment.

The fruit fly trap experiment. 

Yesterday I made the mistake of leaving half of a very ripe banana out on our counter. It's other half met his untimely end (or rather--quite timely. He was rather brown after all...) in my lunchtime oatmeal smoothie. Lunchtime is not the most relaxing time in our house, and one thing led to another, and... well... that other half was completely forgotten. 

Needless to say, we had a rather large colony of fruit flies in no time, and my husband was a wee bit irritated with me. 

"Don't worry!" I said. "I pinned a fruit fly trap with apple cider vinegar!"
"Do we have apple cider vinegar?"
"Um... no. But I'll get some! PROMISE!"

And I did. 

I was worried the trap wouldn't work because I had heard good and bad things about this method. Maybe those who didn't have any luck with it did it differently. Or maybe they have some super genetically advanced species of fruit fly lurking in their homes. Who knows. 

My point is--this worked for me and I'm going to give some specifics on how I did it, because the "recipe" I found didn't include some steps that made a difference for me. 
Place some apple cider vinegar in a small bowl or cup.

Pour in some of dish soap. 
I didn't measure mine. I just drizzled it in. The soap is what actually traps them.
If you find that the fruit flies aren't heading towards your trap, you may have added too much. It's the smell of the apple cider vinegar that attracts them--if you add too much it smells too much like soap.

This wasn't specified in my "recipe". The soap will just sink to the bottom if you don't mix it together, and your trap's trapping skills will plummet to a big fat ZERO. Your fly cocktail should look murky like this:

Place your trap right next to whatever fresh fruit you have out on the counter.

We had a LOT of flies, thanks to my boo boo with the banana. So I was able to watch them get drawn to the trap almost immediately. Okay--once I figured out I needed to stir the dang thing. Laugh all you want--it wasn't explicitly stated in my "recipe," and I always follow recipes exactly the first time.

Within 10-15 minutes we had caught at least 10! It was fun (and a little bit addicting) to go back and count all the flies sitting in the bottom of the bowl!

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  1. post your smoothie recipe...please. :) and this fruit fly trap is awesome.



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