Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Zaggora Hot Pants Review (Part 2 of 3)

I recently purchased a pair of these pants.

Have you seen them around? They are literally the HOTTEST fitness trend sweeping the nation. 
I was extremely skeptic, but in this case curiosity trumped skepticism and I have now finished week one of my Two Week Challenge. (The Two Week Challenge, involves wearing the Hot Pants every day for at least 30 minutes.) 

Unfortunately my first observation with Zaggora is that they have less than desirable customer service. For example: when I contacted them about writing a review of their product they told me that I would receive a coupon code to offer my readers...  2 months has gone by and I still haven't received that code. (I'm still working on it guys! Don't lose hope yet!) It also took foooorreevver for my pants to ship. However, when they finally arrived I could hardly wait to take them out of the package and put them on! 

First impressions are important people, and here were mine:

* These pants are serious business. They are thick, and heavy duty and suck you in, which I totally appreciate. The material reminds me of a wet suit, kinda smells like a wet suit too. The smell goes away after you wash them a few times. (More on washing instructions in a minute.) The minute I put them on and started walking around I noticed the HEAT! They really are HOT pants! 

*I had read online that people had a hard time getting these on so I was fully prepared to have to tug and wiggle my way into them. I was totally surprised that they slid on without a fuss, especially since I was unsure about what size to get. On their site they say that a Large will fit a size 12-14 and a Medium fits a 10-12. I am currently wearing a size 12 pair of jeans. (Yes folks, we're getting personal here. My hips have spread like crazy thanks to my son, whom insisted on sitting SO low in my pelvis that I actually tore the ligament that holds my pelves together and ended up on bed rest towards the end of my pregnancy. Oh the things we do for our children before they are even here!) Anyway, I really didn't know which size to order, seeing as I was on the borderline between a Large and a Medium but I went for the Medium because I figured that's the direction I want to be headed in. :) They are actually a little LOOSE around my waist. So keep that in mind when ordering. 

*The pants make a swishy sound when you walk. It's not a big deal... and I think it gets less swooshy with each wash. 

*These pants have to be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, and hung up to dry. Kind of a bummer for a busy momma, but so far it hasn't been a big deal.

*Oh yeah, I bought a Hot Top as well. To be honest, it isn't very flattering on me. The fabric is so thick that it creates funny rolls whenever I bend or move. I have a feeling it would look better on me if I was 10 lbs lighter. But it's a fun bright color, and overall I like it. 

I took my measurements, hopped on the scale, and then got to work! 
So far I am absolutely obsessed with these pants! Here's how my week went down: 

Day 1
This morning I did 45 minutes of strength training while wearing the pants. I feel like not only am I sweating more, my core temperature seems warmer. You'd think it would be super uncomfortable to work out in the heat, especially in the summer, but it feels great! The fabric seems to wick the sweat away from my body so I don't feel totally gross. I actually ended up wearing the pants for an hour and a a half, even though I was only exercising for 45 minutes of that time. I turns out when you have 4 kids under the age of 6, it literally takes twice as long to do EVERYTHING. I had to keep stopping to play referee, clean up spilled drinks, and meet other various demands. Oh well, more time in the pants can't hurt!

Day 2
Today was a tough day. I tried to work out all morning and kept getting interupted. Finally at noon I had to call it quits. So basically I wore the pants all morning, but didn't do anything high intensity. I did the dishes, mopped the floor, and vacuumed, and for today that's going to have to be good enough.

Day 3
Holy sweat buckets Batman! Okay, if I tell you this story you have to PROMISE we will still be friends. Like pinky promise. The story I am about to tell you is totally gross and totally awesome all at the same time.

If you don't think you can handle it, please skip ahead to day 4.

So today I wore the pants to Zumba. The Zumba class I go to is extremely intense, which is why I love it, but it turns out dancing in Hot Pants is kinda tricky. You know how sometimes when you're swimming in a pool your swimming suit fills with air bubbles and you have to squish them out? Well, that's what my pants kept doing. I don't know if was the incredible amount of moisture in them, or the fact that I was moving fast, pumping air into them? I dunno, I'm not a scientist, all I know is that I had air bubbles all over me.... especially in the booty region, which was super flattering. My friend thought it was hilarious, she was absolutely SURE the reason my pants were filling up with air was because I had eaten an extra large bean taco for dinner. (Which was SO not the case!) I did my best to pat the air bubbles out without anyone noticing.

Then, 20 minutes into the class I suddenly felt like I had wet my pants. I tried to discretely pat my bum, seriously questioning whether or not I had! Rest assured, I didn't... but I was sweating like a PIG! 5 minutes later I felt droplets of sweat running out of the legs of my pants. Ewwww. 10 minutes later my socks were filled with sweat and I kept look around, hoping no one could see how gross I looked. When we waved our arms in the air I felt drops of sweat run down my arms and fling off the tips of my fingers. Run for cover people! Thank goodness everyone was focusing so hard on trying to do the steps themselves they didn't have time to notice what a HOT MESS I was. When class was finally over, I grabbed my things and made a bee-line for the door. As I glanced back over my shoulder I caught a glimpse of a PUDDLE on the floor where I had been dancing. A PUDDLE! Everybody say it with me now, "EWWWWWWWWW!"

When I got home I peeled my HOT clothes off of me.  I could not believe how SOAKED my pants were. They honestly looked like I had worn them in the shower! I know that's totally gross, but to be honest I think it's pretty awesome. It felt SO good!

Day 4
30 minutes of strength training again today, and then I wore the pants while I cleaned the bathrooms. I'm noticing that my skin is feeling much smoother, and my cellulite already looks better. Am I imagining things?

Day 5
Nope, not imagining things! My skin really is smoother! Today I did 45 minutes of Zumba, but I did it at home... where I could mop the floor afterwards. :)

Day 6
Baby Z. was sick today, so it was hard to get anything done. I finally just put him in his baby sling and went for a walk. Even just doing mild exercise I can still feel the extra heat from the pants. I love it! It makes me feel like I'm getting a better work out than I am- which I kinda hope is the case.

Day 7
 Took a day off today. No Hot Pants for me on Sundays. :)

And there you have it! Week 2 is almost half up now, and it's taking every ounce of self control I have not to pull out the measuring tape, or hop on the scale to see if I have made any progress! I promised myself I wasn't going to check until my two weeks were up. Stay tuned to find out if these pants really can live up to their claims!

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  1. Haha I died laughing at day 3! 😊 I just purchased a pair. Let's see how they work

  2. Ooo! I'm excited that you're starting your own Zaggora adventure! Here's hoping you don't have any embarrassing moments like I did! Good luck to you! I'd love to hear back with your experience. Happy sweating to ya!

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