Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Battle Against Perfectionism :: Pie for Dinner

You know those days where you actually have a plan?
And it's a good plan?
And everything should work out perfectly to make that plan happen?

And then it doesn't?

Yeah, well.
Monday was one of those days.

I do my weekly grocery shopping on Mondays.
Depending on how the morning goes, we either sneak it in before my daughter's preschool, or the other two hooligans and I go while she's at preschool. 

I always do my meal planning before I go, otherwise our budget goes out the window.
And this week, we have a couple events that affected what meals I planned for on each day, like kindergarten orientation, and we always have a leftover night, but that has to be after certain meals that we always have leftovers from, right? 

Sounds a little OCD?
But it works for us. 

My glorious plan went flying out the window when my 18-month-old didn't nap at his usual time. 
I'm not totally crazy, I promise. I know kids naps go crazy sometimes, and typically nothing goes as planned with children.


NEVERTHELESS--I was determined to have Slow Cooker Breakfast Casserole for dinner, because I needed to use the bacon and green onions that we'd already had for a week, so I figured I'd just use the "cook on high for 2-3 hours" option.

I got it in the crock pot at 4:30.
BUT I figured that 6:30 wasn't too bad for dinner, right? And when I do this meal on low for "4-5 hours" it's ready in 4. So I figured 2 hours on high was a pretty safe bet.

We still had runny egg coming out of the middle at 2 hours.

So I figured, what the heck. We have a Marie Callenders banana cream pie in the fridge that has ALSO been there for a week. It won't last forever. So let's have dinner backwards!
Naturally, the husband and kids thought it was a great idea.

So we had pie for dinner.


The casserole still wasn't done at 2.5 hours.

So we threw some bagel bites in the oven and ate those. Nom nom nom.

It still wasn't done at 3 hours.

So we put the kids to bed.

And then I ate some casserole 3.5 hours after putting it in on high for "2-3 hours."
Maybe I need a new crock pot!?!?!

And life went {deliciously} on. 
Plus we had some awesome Breakfast Casserole leftovers for dinner tonight. 

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  1. Mmmm...can I get that slow cooker breakfast casserole recipe from you? :) Also, way to be, Lauren. Way to be.



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