Friday, May 1, 2015

Watercolor Hearts "I Love You" Card

I loved loved loved my friend Bekka's Valentine cards in her shop, See What I Sea Designs, this year (f.y.i. I linked to her blog so you could see them, since she is taking a vacay on her etsy store as I write this--bad timing on my part.  But go check out her blog :)  I kept thinking about them and thinking about them.  They made me want to paint!

I haven't painted since Junior High art class...

Luckily, the project I had in mind didn't take as much skill as Bekka's cards did.

I just got some watercolor paper pretty wet with a large, flat brush (they call it a wash brush, turns out), and then added the colors dancing around in my head to the paper: oranges, pinks, purples, and yellows.  I dragged them across the page in streaks and let them run where they wanted.

After the paper dried, I stuck it to my Silhouette mat as well as I could (it was a little warped from the water) and cut out A MILLION hearts.  Not exactly a million, of course, but it felt like it when it came time to take them off of the sticky mat!  It made me wish I had a plain ol' heart punch instead!

I printed "i love you so much" on white cardstock, folded it lengthwise, and added my watercolor hearts with pop up foam.  Voila!

I love that each one turned out similar, but so completely unique!

While these may be great for Valentine's Day, they would also be perfect for Mother's Day, don't you think?  In a pretty pink envelope...yeah. It's a plan.  (Don't look, Mom!)

I loved pulling out a brush and acting all official, like I could really paint something beautiful.  I definitely haven't put in enough time to completely paint something lovely, like Bekka has, but I'm happy with the result of my first attempt, and proud that I blended a skill I didn't have with techniques I use all the time--like cutting paper, baby!

 photo Heart-Adriane_zps2e2b06dc.jpg

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  1. I love these! They are simple and beautiful. Even the silhouette-less like myself could pull these off. Now I need to go buy some watercolors! :)

    1. Do it! It was so much fun, painting like I was for reals :P

  2. What a fun homage! Personally, I like yours better (:

    1. No way, you sweet lady. It's a sad attempt to be as cool as you! Someday, maybe--though I'll never catch up. :P



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