Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sporty-Chic Baby Shower

I was so excited to help plan this sports themed baby shower.  My mother- and sister-in-law were in charge of the food, and they wanted to do different kinds of sports balls (wait until you see them down below!!)  I knew the food would be delicious and adorable, and I turned my attention to the invitations and decor.

Browsing Pinterest for inspiration, I came to a realization: it is too easy to slip into "Juvenile" territory with this theme.  Which, if you are giving a party for a six-year-old sports nut, is perfect! But let's be honest. This baby shower isn't for the baby.  We are celebrating him, of course, but the party is all for Mommy.  

I wanted this new Mommy-to-be to feel special and pampered, so I really tried to focus on elegantizing (totally a word!) things a bit.  I can't see baby boy looking at photos someday and being disappointed that I girlied things up a bit, can you?

*The Invitations*

I used a scripty font (Isabella Script for fellow font-a-holics), a hand drawn banner, and a bow in the back to try and up the charm factor.  Also, please note the orange baseball and the teal football.  Going for grown up color scheme here!

How'd I do?  Is it pretty enough?  I was gonna add glitter... but I ran out of time (story of my life). How cool would Caitlin's name look cut out with double sided adhesive on the Silhouette and coated with GLITTER?!?

*The Food*

I told you that the food was fabulous!  And it all tastes even better than it looks.  They made chocolate covered strawberry footballs, baseball cupcakes and basketball sugar cookies.  The biggest hit, however, is that giant beach ball dessert pizza!  Yep, you are seeing strawberries, oranges, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, blueberries, and mango!  All fresh, all delicious.  Is your mouth watering yet?


We hung this sucker right by the food.  You know, in case anyone was confused about whether or not they could eat those delicious things.

Close up because this thing looks amazing in person!  Again, the baseball's stitching is orange instead of red to go with our color scheme and the edges are DOUBLE inked.  The orange I had was too bright, so I followed it up with a light tan ink and it helped a lot.  Plus there's bows, just like on the invitation! They literally tie everything together and gussy things up.

*The Fun*

We finished things off with a photo booth which was a blast!!  I made some glittery bibs and pacifiers.  I cut them out on my Silhouette, but they'd be easy with scissors!  My backdrop was so ghetto--and I wish I'd thought to take a picture!  I picked a spot across from a window to have lots of natural light.  We tied this fabric up to a balcony and lowered it down to the ground. I love that you can't tell though!

Now I have tons of pictures of everyone who came with the new Mommy to be, and I can give them to her as an added gift!  In addition, the photo booth gives guests a way to get to know each other, be silly, and have fun.  I am in love with this party trend!

Here are some of the props I made for the photo booth.  Sparklies, my friends.  Just making sure we all know who the shower is for!  Once again, I used some ghetto tech--Elmer's glue for the heart, star, stripes, and polkas.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

This party was so much fun for me to help plan, and I think it was fun for the party guests too!

As usual, I would love to share some of the files I created so you can use them too!
Sporty Chic Photo Booth Props
I have included .SVGs, Silhouette Files, and PDFs so anyone can use them!! The banner shapes were from Miss Kate Cuttables (baseball) and Silhouette (banner).

I love to see what happens when you use my creations!  One easy way is to put pictures on our Facebook Page--it's such a nice way to say "thank you" and it makes my day happy.

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