Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rainbow Apple Snacks

Looking for something easy and yummy to bait your leprechaun traps this year?  Or maybe you have some ravenous lasses and/or laddies looking for something to devour.

Or perhaps, like me, you got your hands on a whole box of inexpensive apples, wanted to use them, and aren't good at pies. 

So we pulled out our nifty peeler-corer and all took turns slicing up apples.  We left the peels on, because these snacks need all the nutrition they can get!  It was very exciting, this apple slicing business.  If you have never eaten apples sliced that thin and curly, my friends, you need to try them.  It ups the deliciousness factor.  We ate half of what we sliced before we ever dried them!  But I'm pretty sure that 6 really tiny apples will fill up one tray.  Maybe 4 small apples from the grocery store.

 Next, some simple Jell-O will transform your apples into a rainbow! It doesn't take much--just sprinkle it on as much or little as you'd like.  If desired, you can just start chowing down now.  They are super yummy as is.

Or you can toss them in the oven heated to 170 degrees for 8.5 hours and have colorful, flavored apple chips.  This picture almost didn't make it to you, folks, because these apples were devoured in about 5 minutes.

Then we made more, but all blue (we do a lot of blue around here), and baked for 7 hours.  I like my apple chips a bit chewy.  They also turned out delicious.  Mmmmm.  And Jell-O isn't that bad for you, right?  I consider these quite healthy.

I think we need a dehydrator, because these suckers are going to become regulars!

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