Monday, March 3, 2014

Rock-A-Bye Baby Show

I've been dreaming up this shower in my head for years (Is that normal? To dream about parties? No?)  I have always wanted to throw a rock 'n' roll themed shower and had been searching for just the right mama to-be that would truly appreciate it's awesomeness. So when I found out my BFF is expecting a baby boy I just about hit the roof! She's never been a fan of "cutesy" stuff, and her husband is a guitarist- Tada! It was a match made in heaven! 

Now please pretend like these pictures were taken in beautiful warm sunlight. :) Apparently the weather has no respect for my party expectations. Rain rain go away... but until then, LET'S ROCK! 
There are so many details I love about this shower. 
Like the "clever" signs I made for the food table. I crack myself up sometimes.
I also love these fabulous records we snagged at the local thrift store for $.50 a piece. 
I'm so happy with the way these cookies turned out, especially since everything that could have possibly gone wrong in baking them went wrong... but let's not think about that. Let's just take a minute to adore the fabulous houndstooth sugar sheets I found at Walmart. They added the perfect little bit of pizazz! (And incase you're curious, one sheet made about 7 cookies.) 
 The rest of the decor included some tissue pom poms, cute framed maternity pictures, a slide show set to fabulous music, and some fabulous rock 'n' roll onesies.  
 All in all, it was such a fun evening and I am so excited to meet this little Rock Star! 

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